1.What does it mean to be an affiliate?

As an Academy's affiliate, you are granted permission to advertise the Academy of Online Business (www.academy.business) online training and courses using our promotional materials, and to share in the profits from the revenue you generate. You will be assigned a personal account manager that will assist you in maximizing your profits.

2. How do I earn money?

You earn a percentage for each course and training sold through your referral link. This referral link will be assigned to you upon signing up to the program.

3. What online courses would I be selling as an affiliate ?

As an affiliate, you can promote all the "Academy of Online Business" trainings and courses. You can visit this page to check all the products we currently have in our catalog.

4. Why should I join your affiliate program?

The Academy's affiliate program is different than many other programs around. It offers you an extremely profitable opportunity to earn money by promoting high quality online courses and trainings. You will earn a commission of 50% for each course sold through your affiliate promotional link. Furthermore, the sale process introduces several interesting cross promotions and upsells to increase your earnings.

5. Can I purchase the courses using my affiliate link?

Yes. We have no restrictions. We suggest you to purchase the courses using your affiliate link to have a double advantage: (A) get the right online business courses to get the knowledge to scale and grow your business into a successful business. (B) Earn a 50% commission on your own sales.

6. How do I promote your products?

Once you register as an affiliate, you have full access to all of our marketing material. You may not alter our brand imagery or create your own banners without receiving prior permission, but written marketing content may be altered to preserve uniqueness, as long as you do not alter the original promotional messages.

7. Are there any fees or costs associated with joining the program?